Energy Saving Ideas for Factories

Are you looking for energy saving ideas for factories? With the continuous rise in energy costs, it’s becoming more critical for factories to concentrate on how they can improve on their energy efficiency. Even small and straightforward energy saving methods will substantially cut down the energy costs, while also conserving the environment. Heating and cooling accounts for 40% of the total energy usage in a factory. Electricity makes for another 40%, while water consumption and telecommunication for the remaining 20%. There are many ideas you can use to improve energy efficiency in your factory so that you can maximize on efficiency while keeping costs low.

Energy Saving Ideas for Factories

Energy Saving Ideas for Factories

1. Install a Consumption Meter
A consumption meter will show you where you need to improve on energy usage. Make sure that all your heaters and coolers are well maintained. Use smart thermostats that automatically reduce the temperature of your heating system during the night or when the factory is unoccupied.

2. HVAC Equipment Should Be Well Maintained
The indoor/outdoor filters and coils should be kept clean. Remember to examine electrical connections and lubricate all pulleys. Also, don’t forget to get rid of all duct leakages. Running HVAC equipment should be minimized when the factory is closed.

3. Water Heaters Should Be Placed Appropriately for Efficient Energy Delivery
The heaters should also be insulated, and the heating temperatures should not exceed the requirements in the specifications of the machine.

4. Refrigeration Coils Should Be Cleaned Regularly
Ensure the units are correctly defrosted. Watch out for ice that builds up in refrigerators.

5. For Indoor Lighting, Switch From Incandescent Bulbs to LED Bulbs
Fluorescent LED lighting can cut lighting bills for up to 90%. LED lights will not only improve your factory’s energy but also reduce the number of carbon emissions.

6. For Outdoor Lighting, Ensure that the Light is Enough for Safety
The lighting timers should also be, and you should consider using photocells together with electronic timers for lighting. Mercury vapor and incandescent lighting should also be replaced with a high-pressure metal halide or sodium lighting.

7. Motors With an Extended Runtime Should be Optimized to Save Energy
Engines with a horsepower of less than 25 should be replaced with energy saving motors. A new energy efficient motor will be cost effective in the long run. Motors should also be of optimum size.

8. Install Smart Meters to Control Your Power Usage and Expenditures
This new generation electricity meters were invented to curb the problem of estimated meter readings and utility bills. They also provide accurate information on the quantity of electricity and gas being used.

9. Replace Old Machines with More Efficient Ones
Modern machines use significantly less power compared to the old ones. Replacing energy-hungry machinery with more energy efficient ones will improve your overall factory energy efficiency.


As you can see, there are so many energy saving ideas for factories that can optimize your overall factory’s energy consumption. Energy optimization can be very strenuous, but by utilizing these simple tips, you’ll most likely be able to cut down on the amount of energy consumption drastically. When factories start implementing commercial energy saving methods, they make a considerable step towards environmental conservation, thus reducing the effects of global warming. Professional electricians at Wiring Pros have more information on how to become more energy efficient in your factory if you need additional help.

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