Energy Saving in Office

It is a known fact that a lot of energy and electricity is consumed in commercial office buildings. In order to cut down on energy costs in your office, there are different things to consider that may have a huge effect on how much you’re paying to keep the lights on every month. The appliances and technology that you and your employees use on a daily basis, what rooms are lit and what rooms aren’t, turning things off if they’re not in use, are just some things that happen on a daily basis in any office that can be using a lot of energy. If energy saving in office is one of your goals as a business owner or even an employee, be sure to use this tips as they will make a difference in how much energy your office consumes.


There are several things you can do to save energy when it comes to lighting. An easy tip for this is to simply turn off any lights that aren’t needed. For example, if the office is naturally lit from your windows, there is no need to turn on lights. You should also double check all of your light bulbs. Install bulbs which employ new technology and are ready to save you energy. If it is hard to train people to switch off light in offices after they leave, you can install sensors which will turn off light automatically all the staff leaves the office. All outdoor lighting should be switched off during the day to save on electricity.

Heating and Cooling Energy Saving in Office

There are several tips you can employ to save energy in your office in relation to the heating and cooling system you have in place. For instance, you should ensure the HVAC system is working at its optimum. You can repair leaks and any other defects which can lead to consumption of a lot of electricity. Hiring an expert to regularly check your system and ensure that everything is running correctly can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Temperature Control

Setting an adequate temperature in your office can play a huge role in how much energy is being consumed. Typically, offices are set between 65 to 68 degrees during business hours in the winter. Whereas, you can adjust it accordingly in the warmer months. Setting your office’s thermostat to an automated setting can help with this, as it can detect what times to run over others.

Buy Energy Efficient Office Equipment

You’ll probably find computers, printers, and phones in every single office you step foot in. Since these devices are being used so often, it’s important to make sure that you choose equipment that is energy efficient as well. These devices are often marked with Energy Star stickers on them.

It’s common that energy consumption can get really high in commercial offices — but higher energy consumption often means higher electricity bills as well. If you’re in need of energy saving in office, make sure to use these tips and tricks to save as much energy in your office as possible.

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